Philly Sacred Harp Jamulus server

Welcome to our server for virtual shape note singings. Responding to COVID-19, we've hosted a weekly singing in real time since June 1, 2020 using the open source Jamulus software. This is the server where we host our singings. If you're a shape note singer and glad to sing with others, feel free to hop on whenever you like.

You can find out more about shape note singing in Philly at If you want help setting up a server like this in your community, feel free to contact Vale.

Philly singings are weekly on Thursday from 7pm-9pm EDT
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A clip from our first weekly sing.

Click here for detailed instructions

Brief How-to

  1. Make sure you have a wired (Ethernet) connection to the Internet.
  2. You must use wired headphones to prevent echos and reduce latency. If your computer doesn’t have a built-in mic, you’ll also need to find an external mic.
  3. Download and install Jamulus (manual, wiki); clients exist for Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux.
  4. Once you open it, it won't look like much. Click on the "Connect" button.
  5. Another small window will come up. On the bottom right side, there's a place to type in the "Server Name/Address".
  6. There, type:
  7. Click "Connect"